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Following your registration, you will enter a contest where you can win:

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More Info on Product Creation Bootcamp

The bootcamp will start on Saturday @ 6 am ET/NY, and finish on the same day @ 6 pm ET/NY. This is a 12-hour bootcamp where we'll have 6 x 30 min sessions of PURE CONTENT, followed by one-on-one and group assistance to help you create your course.

Session #1 - Product Mapping

How to map out your product and your funnel! This is the foundation session that will help you setup for future sessions.

Session #2 - Tools

What tools should you use? What tools should you avoid? Follow this and you won't go wrong in your work.

Session #3 - Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the FASTEST way to build a list. In this session we explain why, and how to build them in less than 5 minutes.

Session #4 - Paid Product

How should you create your paid product? What information should it contain? We talk all about creating your paid product quickly.

Session #5 - Funnels

Crazy little funnels. That's it - you just need 2 pages in your funnel (like this one) and I'll show you how to create these - again, quickly!

Session #6 - Wrap Up!

Final session where we take all the information from the first 5 sessions and tell you what the next steps will be!

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